OOTDY's Brand Story


Everyday Fantasy

Wearing jewelry invites us to embrace the enchantment of everyday fantasy, discovering moments of enchantment and wonder in our daily lives. It is the art of infusing magic, elegance, and beauty into our routines, uncovering the extraordinary within the ordinary. Each piece becomes an exquisite source of inspiration, allowing us to express our unique style and personality while evoking a sense of wonder and joy throughout our day. Whether it's adorning ourselves with a delicate necklace, gracefully wearing elegant earrings, or embracing the charm of a bracelet, our jewelry becomes a catalyst for self-expression, casting a spell of fascination and joy in every moment. It is the touch of fantasy and enchantment that breathes life into our experiences, making each day feel extraordinary and treasured.

With new arrivals every month, we stay on-trend with chic and trendy jewelry, allowing you to express your unique style and carry a sense of wonder and joy wherever you go. We bring the extraordinary into the everyday, creating moments of enchantment and inspiration. 

Fashion Doesn't Equal Expensive

Many believe that expensive price tags are necessary for quality jewelry. However, this is far from the truth. The high costs often stem from numerous middlemen and inefficient offline stores. At OOTDY, we are redefining the jewelry industry by cutting out the middlemen and adopting a direct-to-consumer approach. This allows us to offer high-quality jewelry at lovely prices. By operating exclusively online, we minimize costs and pass the savings on to you.

But it doesn't stop there. Quality is our top priority. Every piece of our jewelry is meticulously handcrafted with ethically sourced, high-quality materials. We believe in transparency, providing you with the knowledge of the origins and production processes behind our jewelry. With OOTDY, you can be confident in wearing jewelry that is not only fashionable but also created with integrity. 

Global Community Supporting Small Businesses

At OOTDY, we take pride in fostering a global community of creative talents who bring their unique perspectives to the world of jewelry design. Our team consists of skilled artisans, experienced designers, and passionate creatives spanning the globe. For example, our design team is in London, UK, marketing and ecommerce teams are in LA and Palo Alto, California, and the craftsmen behind many of our gold chains and gemstones are in Asia, such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

We are more than just a jewelry brand – we are a community that supports small, family-owned businesses and provides a platform for young creatives to showcase their talents. Join us on our mission to make fashion accessible to all and embrace the opportunity to express yourself confidently and elegantly through the art of jewelry.